5 Of the Best Ways to Improve Customer Service

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It might not always be completely accurate, but the phrase ‘the customer is king’ is still pretty important when it comes to running a consumer-facing business. Even the world’s biggest businesses strive to give customers better service, because ultimately, they keep the business running. If you’re looking for some extra ways to improve the service your employees give, then you might find something on this list:


  1. Be Personal – Customers like to know who they’re dealing with, and with the age of e-commerce upon us, it’s increasingly common for them to deal with companies without ever having any human interaction. Ensuring that your customers can at least see some personality from your website will go a long way to making them feel more comfortable dealing with you.


  1. Be Knowledgeable – You should be an authority in your industry. Customers will have questions, and being able to answer them thoroughly is extremely important. If your website is a hub of information, then you’ll find that it naturally attracts visitors as they search for what they’re looking for. Using call recording software such as Lanonyx can help you build up an idea of what customers want to know most frequently.


  1. Be Available – Customers want your product service as fast as they can get it. Businesses who operate the widest hours of communication will be rewarded with more loyal customers, who know that they can get the information they need, as soon as they need it. Consider extending your opening hours, or manning phones and email for longer periods.


  1. Be Social – Everyone knows that social media is essential these days, but actually using it properly is very important. Let customers know that they can talk to you through Twitter and Facebook. There’s also no reason you shouldn’t get together physically too. Hosting breakfast seminars and workshops can be particularly valuable if relevant to your industry.


  1. Be Special – Finally, a great way of giving your customers that little bit extra is by being special. Offer them service that they can’t get anywhere else. Loyalty cards and general rewards for repeat customers can be a fantastic way of making them feel like they’re being treated well. Service can be a reason that consumers pick one business over another; give them every reason to choose yours.



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