5 Ways to Build Your Business Resume

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In today’s competitive job market, employees should always be building their skills to prepare for their next job. Here are five ways to add some attention-getting bullet points to your resume.

Teach a Class


Extension colleges and local recreation departments are always looking for new classes to offer. If your area of expertise could be of general interest, consider designing and teaching a course. If you aren’t interested in teaching a course in person, you can design and sell a course exclusively online through a number of online learning platforms. Teaching puts you in the position of being an expert in your field, demonstrates your ability to organize and present material, and shows your leadership skills.


Start a Consulting Business


If your business skills are in high demand and you have a little free time, starting a consulting business could be a great way to build your resume. By getting into consulting you demonstrate strong initiative, the ability to balance multiple demands on your time, and the capacity to both be a subject expert and adept at customer service. These are some of the key skills needed in a manager and depending on your current full-time position, could help you climb the next rung on your employment ladder, even vaulting you into management.


Pursue Your Next Promotion


Needless to say, the more prestigious your current job title, the higher your rank is likely to be in your next position, whether you are looking to move up with your current employer or looking for work at a new company. To build your resume, actively pursue your next promotion. Work your network and ask your supervisor what you need to do to take the next step up the corporate ladder. Working smart is almost more important than working hard, and building relationships within your company is critical to convincing upper management that you have what it takes to be a high-level leader.


Present at Conferences


Establish yourself as an expert by arranging to give a presentation at a professional conference in your area of expertise. Most conferences have sessions on many different topics – apply to present in a few sessions that you would like to display your knowledge in. By giving a well-organized and insightful talk, you can make your name and skills visible to others in your field, any of whom could be a potential employer or business associate.


Earn That Degree


It’s no secret that education is a surefire way to improve the foundation of your resume. Many schools like the University of Maryland offer advanced business degrees. Follow the link to learn more about their online masters in business administration. Degrees in business administration, accounting, and entrepreneurship can be particularly beneficial to those in the business world looking to build on their current skills or move into a different area of business. Some online business schools require internships, giving students hands-on experience. Click here for more information on degree programs that include internships in their curricula.


These are just a few suggestions on ways to pump up your resume. Taking on challenges that allow you to demonstrate leadership and independence gives hiring managers proof that you can succeed in the roles they need to fill.


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