Add Extra Entertainment to an Event with Guest Speakers

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Hosting an event is a perfect way to attract new customers for your business. Every business needs a constant flow of customers to grow. When you arrange an event at your business location, you can accomplish many things. You get an increased exposure, show potential customers what you have to offer, and also motivate your employees in the process. The event can either be done on a huge scale or a small targeted one.

Selecting the Type of Event

The event theme depends largely on certain factors like:

  • Turning the focus on the target customer- The type of event should be decided based on the customer base you want to target at. The interests, daily challenges, and lifestyle of your potential customers influence the type of event.
  • Striking partnership- Teaming up with businesses that have a common clientele can be beneficial for both.
  • Considering the logistics- All arrangements needed should be thoroughly planned and executed without allowing any hitches to occur.

Customer service and the product display should be exemplary. A proper follow up is also necessary to get the maximum benefit out of your event.

Choosing a Speaker

Selecting a guest speaker is an important part of holding a successful event. This is an overwhelming task as there are many aspects to consider about. The speaking circle has a huge range of people starting from bestselling authors and retired politicians to famous athletes and ordinary people with incredible experiences to speak of. There are also other factors like:

  • Topics
  • Experience
  • Background
  • Fees
  • Style of presentation

Since the entire event is dependent on how good the speaker is, a reputable and professional speaker should be chosen.

Making the Event Memorable

Speakers bring in exclusive and inspirational quality to an event. When you choose the right speaker, you can help in motivating your staff, give them a new commitment towards their work, and create a long lasting positive impression on the guests. In spite of the theme, the food and the décor being exceptional, the main factor that decides the success of an event is the guest speaker.

Determining the Purpose

Before you decide on the speaker, you have to choose the objective of the event. It can be an educational theme, a motivational meeting or any other idea that is relevant to your business. The speaker should be able to relate with the group present in the event. When you choose a professional for the job, you can be assured of bringing in expertise that can make success of the event an assured thing.

Credentials Do Matter

When you select the speaker, an important factor you should take into account is the background of the speaker and his credentials. Credentials include the:

  • Education
  • Awards
  • Degrees
  • Certifications and
  • Experience

The experience of a speaker can draw attention, but this alone does not create a good presenter. You can also arrange for celebrities to speak at your event. You can make celebrities available for after dinner speech to add the final and decisive touch to your event. The content should be focused on some innovative aspects. If it is motivational in nature, the speaker should cater to it comprehensively. Whatever the need be like technical information, motivation or just plain entertainment, the speaker should be able to do justice to the occasion.

When you arrange for an event, there are many things that you need to pay attention to including the selection of speaker.  By selecting the right speaker for your event, you can ensure that you reserve the required entertainment value for the event along with some well-needed motivations for your customers and employees. When this is executed in the right way possible, your event is sure to succeed and it helps you reach the goal you had in mind for staging the event.

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Thomas Rightly has loads of experience in his urn taking event management into consideration. He lets you implement a number of ways that help in motivating your staff while you stage an event for them.


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