All Systems Go – Finding a Computer For On the Move

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So many people these days sit in the cinema with their kids, with getting up for the next day’s business meeting at the back of their mind, and then get to the meeting to find they’re not properly prepared. 

They needn’t be, though. They can take the chance to be more productive by using a laptop computer. The trip to the cinema then won’t be as secretly daunting, since they’d be able to perform their duties on the move.

Of course, if you’re not particularly familiar with computers, then choosing a laptop is as daunting as that visit to the cinema. Think about the style of laptop that would most suit your needs, then you’ll come to the decision much easier. Here are a few options


If you want the ultimate in portability a tablet is perfect. The battery life is better than some of the other options and there are handy features such as handwriting recognition, which means you can jot down business notes wherever you are.

You need to decide on the brand you want once you’ve decided on the style. Samsung laptops offer a wide choice, from sleek ultrabooks to bigger models with top performance. One of the newest models is the updated Ativ Book 9, which has a 15-inch screen.

Thin and Light
These normally only weigh between four and six pounds and are great for when you are on the move. They have fast processors and make viewing everything from web pages to important documents easy.

An Ultra-Portable Model
These notebook laptops are great if you travel for business as they don’t take up much room in your luggage. If you need to use complicated business applications, though, they may not be right for you, due to their smaller size. You also need to keep your eye on the battery energy levels.

A Standard Laptop
For overall price and performs, the standard laptop is pretty good! Weighing between six and eight pounds, they can still give some of the latest developments a run for their money, as they’re very portable. The big screen makes it easier to view business transactions, but if you’re on a busy train it might be a bit of a squeeze!

A Desktop Replacement
We all love a desktop computer, but they’re not the best for travelling, and they’re also big and heavy. Most of the time, if not all, they need to be plugged, but in terms of performance, they deliver the goods.

If you’re still confused, make a list of all of the things that your new laptop must do, taking all of your business requirements into consideration. A great laptop really can make the difference between success and failure. And no business wants to fail, do they?

Image by Daquella manera, used under Creative Commons licence.


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