Browse Through Car Finance Options For Personal And Commercial Purposes

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imagesCar finance includes financial products that will help you to buy a car without shelling out a lump-sum amount. Car finance can be required by both businesses and private owners. As the price of cars was beyond reach for most individuals car finance came into being. For personal car finance, the funding is provided by retail banks or car finance companies. At times, car manufacturers have their own finance departments. By availing benefits of car finance, you can purchase a better car. It is easy to apply for car finance. The hassles of applying to a personal loan will not have to be faced by you. Car finance is safer than loans which do not have fixed repayments. You do not have to worry about monthly payments that rise with changes in interest rate.

Opting for car finance

If you buy a car from the same company which offers car finance, you can get a full vehicle inspection done before you drive the vehicle home. You may also be eligible for free road tax for a period of six months. With car finance individuals from different walks of life can possess a car. The most common types of car finance include novated lease, taking a personal loan, commercial hire purchase, car purchase and chattel mortgage. The car loan depends on the kind of occupation you are engaged in. In the case of salary packaging, the monthly installment is deducted from the salary in order to make payments to the car finance company. In case the employee leaves the job, he will have to make arrangements with the new employer.

Benefit from car finance

For business purposes, commercial hire purchase is the ideal choice. If you are looking forward to establishing a tour and travel business you can opt for car financing. You need to make payments for ownership of the car. With the income which you earn from the car business can be used to pay the installments. With this alternate loan self-employed individuals can garner hopes of buying a car. With car financing sales of cars have risen considerably. It may not be so easy to gather finances for a new car. If you have a salvage car, it is recommended that you sell its parts instead of repairing it. This should be done before you look for ways to buy a new vehicle.

Independent car finance methods

It is important to bear in mind that you select the right car finance method. Most car dealers offer car finance as they can gain large profits from it. Independent car finance options include personal loans. If you have a good credit score, you can opt for personal loans. The repayment methods will depend on the loan company and on your credit profile. If you are responsible about your bill payments, you can make payments with your credit card. However, if the car has a fault, you will have to sort it out with the dealer.  If you intend to make low monthly payment mortgage will be the right choice for you.

Car finance options offered by dealers

Dealer car finance options include hire purchase, leasing and personal contract plan. In the case of hire purchase, you need to pay 10% of the car’s price as an initial deposit. The rest of the amount is paid in monthly installments with interest. Through zero percent finance, you need to pay 30-40% of the car’s price in a single amount. The rest of the amount is paid in installments without paying the interest. If you want a new car regularly without wanting to own it, leasing can be the perfect car finance method.

Author Bio: Lee planned to sell his salvage car last year. He has opted for car finance to buy a new vehicle.


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