Flash Design Development for Your New Startup.

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Imagine yourself walking through a quiet brick and mortar shopping center, window shopping.  Through the polished glass you can see decorous clerks waiting on a scattering of customers.  Perhaps this is how you see your new business or startup, dignified and genteel, with high end clientele languidly examining your merchandise and services.  Dream on, Cosmo . . .


That’s not how businesses start out – that’s how they end up, right before the auctioneer bangs his gavel to start the bankruptcy sale.

You want to take a long, hard look at today’s results-driven websites, the ones that bring in heavy traffic and turn a good percentage of that traffic into customers.  It’s not snob appeal – not unless you got yourself a Jaguar dealership.  Highly unlikely, right?  You can’t expect cyber traffic to halt and stay on your website to read pages of prose – even if written by another Kipling or Stephen King.  There is one word, and one word ONLY that describes what your new business needs on its website in order to bring in the traffic and convert a significant portion of it into sales:


That’s right – you want a ballyhoo website, one that practically screams: “Hurry, hurry, hurry, ladies and gentlemen!  Step right this way to the most fabulous and fantastic sales event of the century!  It’s colossal; it’s stupendous; it’s beyond doubt the finest opportunity you’ll ever find for this kind of product or service!”  Your website needs to be a carnival barker, drawing in the curious, and mesmerizing the indifferent.  Only we call it by a different term today:  Flash Design.  But it’s the same thing.  It stops the Internet surfer cold at your site long enough to give you a chance to engage them in your product or services.  Needless to say, you’ve got to back up your Flash website with a solid and reliable product or service, backed up with solid information – unlike the carnival barkers of old, who might have been selling anything from snake oil to love potions.

According to Blue Fountain Media, who are in the business of website design, mobile app development, and online marketing, your new business’ flash website must be fast loading, be interactive,  be search engine-friendly, and easy to administer through your own control panel – so you can make up-to-the-minute changes that reflect the realities and real time exigencies of your business.  Internet users are becoming more and more sophisticated in their expectations of websites; they want to see video clips, infographics, photographs, and very little, but very direct, prose, all wrapped up in a dynamic and user-friendly platform.

What does it tell your customers when your flash website is responsive to their questions and concerns, their buying trends and hesitancies?  It COULD tell them a lot of things, like you’re too busy with smoke and mirrors to pay real attention to product research and improvement, or that you’d rather geek around with the latest special effects instead of concentrating on customer service.

Don’t you be doin’ that!

Instead, make sure, with the help of professional media specialists, that your flash website first grabs attention and then immediately offers substantial value and information.  That way you’ll quickly gain a veteran corps of clientele that will be happy to bring their friends and family to your flash website.  After all, as P.T. Barnum discovered over a hundred years ago – the public likes bright lights and calliope music, as long as they get something they feel is substantial out of it.


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