Getting Great Marketing Results

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Whether you run a small or large business, marketing is never something to consider lightly. How you market yourself as an individual or an organisation is how you choose to present your values, intentions and services as a company – essentially, marketing IS your business and its vital to hit the nail on the head first time round. Follow these steps towards a clear marketing strategy.


Pinpoint your goals and intentions

At the most basic level, you need to make the intentions for your product or services crystal clear to yourself. This means questioning everything from the purpose it will serve to its benefits and why it deserves a rightful place in an already crowded and competitive market. What is it that makes your company’s goods or services unique? A simple saying can help you when outlining your company agenda – ‘Who, What, When, Why and How’.

The more in depth answers you can provide, the clearer and more precise your objectives will become. Give potential customers the wrong message and they will fail to understand or embrace your company’s core message at all. Present yourself clearly and confidently as a corporation and others will soon follow suit.


Know your target audience

It can’t be stressed enough that successful marketing strategies in business depend enormously on their understanding of their individual target audience. Besides deciding on the age group and gender your demographic fall into, you must retrieve as much relevant information as you can about them.

Depending on your unique product or service, you may need to know specific criteria such as their location, household income, shopping habits, how many children they may have and so on. What’s more, if you are marketing a unique or specialist product, you need to do everything in your power to target and successfully ‘speak’ to select groups and professionals to determine personal preferences. Consider holding focus groups to give your product or service a test run, conduct online surveys, offer a prize draw or free period of membership in return for completing a questionnaire relating to your services within a limited time frame – do everything possible to clarify your target market and your business identity as a whole.


Possessing a clear understanding of your companies’ goals and intentions fetches great results and enables you to work from a logical marketing standpoint. Once you have your marketing basics fleshed out, why not allow a professional management service to help you maintain your strategy? The Watt Works Consulting firm aims to maximise business potential by offering strategic planning and analysis service to a wide range of industries, providing companies with a clear business outlook. 


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