Here’s How to Make Yourself More Brave

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Are you like the Cowardly Lion in that all you wish for is more courage? You’re not alone. Here’s how to become more brave and finally get the things you want in life.

1. Examine who you are. Figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are. You’ll be able to pinpoint the parts of yourself that you want to grow in order to be more courageous. This will give you a great place to start from.

2. Own your mistakes. Everyone has made errors in their life. Take stock of the things you’ve done wrong, apologize if necessary and learn from your mistakes.

3. Forgive yourself. You should strive to make progress, not to be perfect. When you screw up, forgive yourself and move on.

4. Stick up for yourself! If you don’t stand up for yourself, who will? Don’t let others determine how you act, feel or think if those ways aren’t actually right for you. Stand up for the things you want, believe and need.

5. Never give up, even when times get tough. Courage includes resting and recharging when things go wrong, then pushing on again once you’re ready. Be prepared to fight for the things you want. Successful artists like Steve Wynn would never have made it as far as they did if they simply gave up when things were difficult.

6. Just as important as it is to say “no” to things that aren’t right for you, it’s equally important to say “yes” to things that are right for you, even if they’ll take you out of your comfort zone. If something sounds appealing, agree to it even if it’s a bit scary.

7. Stop paying so much attention to the things that you can’t change or can’t fix. You have to let go of the things that you don’t have control over. Then, invest your time and energy in the things that you can improve and change.

8. Don’t be afraid of being afraid! Fear doesn’t always mean something’s wrong; it could just mean that something’s different. Being afraid is sometimes a prerequisite for change.

9. Think about the positive, especially when things aren’t going exactly the way you planned. If it helps, write down three things that went well at the end of each day. When you feel like you’re failing, you can look back on your accomplishments and get the encouragement you need to push on.

10. Give yourself credit when you deserve it. Recognize and enjoy your successes. Even when you’ve failed more times than you succeeded, you should still give yourself a pat on the back for the things you did well. When you celebrate your accomplishments instead of dwelling on negative things, you’re able to quickly bounce back from setbacks.

Courage isn’t something that you’re necessarily born with. It is, however, something you can cultivate in yourself.


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