Beating the Winter Blues: How Cleaning your Negative Spiritual Energy can help you to thrive as a Freelancer

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There are a growing number of freelance workers in the UK, primarily due to the economic tumult that has gripped Great Britain in the wake of the Great Recession. Independent contractors are now also making their mark across multiple market sectors, with the result that the contemporary workplace has changed beyond all recognition in the last five years. While this brings considerable reward for freelancers, however, it also encumbers them with significant responsibility for the course of their own destiny.

Freelancing and the Importance of Positive Energy

The majority of freelancers operate from home during the formative stages of their career, so it is important that they are able to create a relaxed environment in which to work. One of the biggest obstacles to this can be negative spiritual energy, which is easily absorbed and sustained through the fixtures and fittings that make up your home. Over time, these emotions can build and cultivate an extremely repressive energy, which only serve to create a negative outlook among everyone who lives at the residence. For freelancers, this can have a huge impact on their productivity and capacity for work.

It is therefore crucial that you take the time to spiritually cleanse your home and develop a positive energy. The beginning of spring is the ideal time to begin this process, as it marks a changing of the seasons and generally encourages people to think in a more positive and life-affirming way. By channelling this positivity and using it to cleanse the spiritual energy within your home, you can lay the foundations for a brighter and more prosperous future. This creates holistic benefits within the home for freelancers, who can work more productively, manage their stress and cultivate better relationships with family members.

The Bottom Line for Freelancers

Although you may remain sceptical about the merits of spiritual cleansing, experts such as Kooma have taught us that this concept has its foundation in physics. This dictates that all matter is essentially energy that has been slowed to a very slow frequency, and that negative emotional energy impacts on surrounding matter in a detrimental manner. This scientific fact gives solid grounding to the validity of spiritual cleansing, and supports its benefits in households throughout the UK. For freelancers and stay-at-home entrepreneurs, this has the potential to boost both their productivity and profitability over time.


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