Important Elements Consumers Should See in Product Labels

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The goal of using product labels is to ensure that buyers are attracted towards the product you are offering instead of other choices. It should be easy for them to understand what exactly it is that they are buying without reading the entire label. There might be people who are particular about every detail, but you should consider the majority who will only glance at the label.

Details like nutritional values, ingredients and the address of the manufacturer are also very important. These can be written in smaller print, but they should be there. In some cases, laws will require these details to be printed and products are instantly recalled if they are not. In certain scenarios, the company might even be banned from selling their product if the labels do not meet the requirements or have violated the stipulations of the relevant law.

Warning signs

They are also very important especially if the product sold could have harmful effects on the user. They might ingest the item or use it orally when they should only apply it externally. Some items should also be kept out of reach of children or only children of a specific age should use them. Products like cigarettes must also have warning signs. In many countries, these even have to be written in a bigger font or show certain warning images.

Organic products

When you wish to write the term organic on the label, it is a good move especially since most people these days are very particular about their health. However, if you plan to write the term organic or natural, it must be accurate. You should also understand the government’s definition or qualification for organic products. If you do not meet the requirements, using this term would be a violation of the law. Be careful about writing false statements on the labels since you could be sued for false advertising.

Appealing to children

If you are selling products intended for children or you think that they will want to play with these items, you need to design the labels in such a way that they are easily enticed. Use characters they can relate to and relevant images. Just make sure the images are not copyrighted. If they are, you must obtain permission to use them.

Get quality designers

Once all these elements are considered, you should hire a quality designer to help you out. It is important that the final design looks good and will also serve as a part of your marketing campaign. There are packaging design companies you can trust. They have people to help with the design and make sure your labels look amazing.



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