Modern Marketing to Mailboxes

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Modern marketing strategies still employ traditional mail. In fact, direct mail is still a very effective way of reaching out to specific consumers. Emails do not always reach the intended target audience. Some people may change their primary email addresses. Other people simply delete their old email accounts. It’s difficult for marketing companies to obtain the primary email of consumers. Additionally, some email advertisements may get filtered out as spam. An email may reach a client’s inbox but never get read due to spam alerts.

MotivationA physical mailbox is actually checked by a person on a daily basis. It’s hard to miss a printed magazine, brochure or other marketing package that’s inside a mail box. The attention of a person using a mailbox is already guaranteed. The challenge for marketing campaigns is to send something that may interest a person once the mailbox is opened. In depth marketing analysis is done to compile a list of people with certain interests. For example, marketing firms may have lists of consumers that have purchased sporting goods in recent months. It makes sense to send such people printed magazines featuring sports equipment that’s sold by major retailers. Star Direct Mail is an example of a marketing agency that sends out printed advertisements by mail.

Direct marketing companies usually work on behalf of other businesses. Custom templates can be designed by the businesses that want to send out a particular promotion or message to customers. The marketing company takes care of all the printing and bulk mailing. Businesses can simply edit the designs of brochures and other marketing kits by using powerful online tools. The text size, fonts, layout, colors and graphics can also be customized directly on the website of a direct marketing company. After the designs are finalized, an official approval by the business allows the marketing company to make bulk copies of printed advertisements.

Special letters and envelopes can be used to send out advertisements by mail. Additionally, recipients of direct marketing mail are likely to respond to an offer if there is a paid postage included.

Business card printing is another major service that’s offered by direct mail marketing firms. Such cards can be printed in bulk at affordable rates and then sent out to specific clients that are on a personalized mailing list. Business cards of a real estate agent can be sent to home owners in a neighborhood.


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