New Businesses the Fitness World Needs in 2014

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Year on year, the fitness sector grows in the UK. As report after report warns us that we are becoming obese, people appear to finally be changing their attitude towards obesity, enrolling in classes and joining gyms to rid themselves of excess fats. This had made the fitness industry boom recently, and there’s now a great deal of scope for new businesses to emerge, making a killer profit as they do so. Here are just three ways you could get involved in the fitness industry, starting a business that could transform your life.

Swimming Marina: Increasingly, we have seen people’s exercise regimes diversify, with people saying that they hate running or hate the gym. Because of this, the market has expanded with more people willing to try new things in order to get fit. A swimming marina is the perfect way to do this if you live near the water. Fun, unique and challenging, the water is a natural exercise aid. You can host everything from swimming to water polo to aqua aerobics here and an aqua business requires little in terms of equipment. All you’ll need is a marina deck and health and safety clearance. What could be easier?

Woodland Training Park: When you think of woodland training it is more than likely that you’ll think of assault courses. Although this can (and probably should be) an element of a woodland training park, there’s so much more you can offer your clients. Like with the marina idea, woodlands have an abundance of natural resources that you can use instead of buying expensive training gear. With runs, weights and even potentially short swims available depending on location, you’ll never be short on ideas.

Me and My Dog Fitness Classes: Finally, the latest training sensation that’s gripping the nation, exercising with pets. A novel way to exercise, this is vibrant, fun and great for exercise virgins. If you love people and dogs then this is the perfect business for you and remember, the unique, quirky ideas are sometimes among the very best, who would have thought Zumba would take off? When it comes to exercise businesses, the world is your oyster.

So, there we have it, three exercise based businesses that the world is crying out for in 2015. If you’re looking to start your own then now is the perfect time. Remember, have fun with it and pick something you enjoy. The opportunity is there, now all you have to do is seize it. 


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