Promoting your business in London

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With a population of more than 8 million, London provides ample opportunity to promote your business, but where do you start and what is the easiest and most cost effective method? This article explains how to market your business without wasting money and resources.


Social media


Social media is something that is available to everyone. It is free to use and it is a time efficient way to connect with potential and existing customers. Social media gives a business instant contact with the public and can help to build a  loyal clientele by giving a more personal service. By using social media it is easy to find people living locally in London and London-based businesses that might be interested in using your service/product. Social media also makes it easy to connect with customers should there be a problem.




Contact the Press


One easy way to promote any business is to contact the media. This is most effective when done in the form of a press release. A press release just needs to contain the details of the service or product your business offers, some quotes, some contact details and an ‘about’ section to tell people about yourself or your business.


Press releases can be sent for free to several websites. However, the most effective way of contacting the media is to find out the contact email for the news desk and send it directly to them. For instance, if someone wanted to promote their London-based business, they could look online for all of the newspapers – both large and small – that are in the London area  and send the press release direct. Although this is time consuming, it is a more effective way of targeting the people you want to connect with, and it won’t cost anything if you write the press release yourself.


Start a Blog


A blog is a great way to connect with people. The blog can be filled with news relating to your niche, information on new products and new services, product demonstrations, etc. The blog posts should then be shared on any of your social media accounts in order to help promote your blog – and your business.


Launch a Competition


Contests are a good way to get people talking about your business. Offer a free product or a free service to the winner of the competition and see if the local media are interested in featuring details of the contest. This is also an effective way of building mailing lists so goods and products can be promoted to potential customers.


Flyer printing in London


Getting flyers printed is the perfect way to promote a business. If work demands mean that there isn’t time to deliver them yourself, employ a few people to distribute the flyers. Distributing flyers should be done in a targeted manner. If your business will be of particular interest to a certain area of London, then focus on distributing there; London is such a vast place that targeted flyer campaigns are essential for attracting the type of customers your business needs.


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