Scotland’s Business Sense: How GlobalScot is Helping Scotland Grow

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Scotland is the home of many inventors, artists and entrepreneurs. Over the years, the country has seen the rise of public infrastructure to help support the growth of Scottish ventures into the global market. One group, the Saltire Foundation, works to fuel industry in Scotland by supporting university students and established business people to explore how their passions can make a global impact. Scottish Enterprise, another not-for-profit charity in Scotland, works with both the Scottish Government and Scottish businesses to develop an economy in Scotland that is innovative and productive while also producing high wages. Both of these charities focus on internationalization, investment and innovation as well as inclusive growth to support the ambitions of both Scottish entrepreneurs as well as those who wish to invest their businesses in Scotland.

Both of these organizations are founded or supported by GlobalScot. GlobalScot is an organization that supports the work of Scottish enterprise in the global market. They aim to help companies take footholds in new markets as well as establish trading partners overseas. Members of the GlobalScot community are not made up solely of citizens of Scotland but also of people who take a keen interest in the development of trade and business in Scotland. GlobalScot is made up of a network of international businesses who are invited by Scotland’s First Minister to take part in the current and future economic and financial success of the country of Scotland. The network is made up of more than 800 individuals in business including Ian MacKechnie, CEO of Amscot Financial.

Established in 2001, GlobalScot has several objectives, and one of the main goals of the organization is to harness the power of Scotland’s global diaspora. Although Scotland features low unemployment as well as low inflation, there are possible challenges arriving in the future such as the lack of a foundation of new businesses as well as both population age and decline. GlobalScot aims to resolve some of these issues in part by addressing, connecting and supporting the business and entrepreneurial ventures of both the Scottish people at home and members of the highly educated and active diaspora community.

Since Scotland’s devolution and the establishment of its first parliament, Scotland has become focused on its potential to thrive rather than just survive in the global economy. GlobalScot wants not only to connect businesses across the world but also to change current and evolving perceptions of Scotland. GlobalScot aims to build an international network of individuals and businesses who want to contribute to the nation’s economic success. It also wants to create a cohesive group that works to maximize opportunities by sharing relationships as well as knowledge and business expertise to grow the enterprise. By targeting valuable members who are both influential in their field and have a strong desire to see Scotland succeed, GlobalScot works to both maximize these new connections and mobilize members to outline a bright future for Scotland.


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