Should You Take the Risk and File a Work Injury Claim?

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You have suffered a work injury. You are now having a dilemma. You want to make a work injury claim, but you are also worried that you might lose your job. You are going against the company that you are working for. As the adage goes, never bite the hands that feed you.

However, this is a special case. You have suffered an injury while carrying out your duty. Therefore, you have the right to actually file an injury claim. This does not mean you hate the company or you are trying to bring it down. It only means that you are doing what needs to be done since you need money for recovery, to pay for the medical fees. You might not even get back to work for weeks or even months as you recover. While recuperating, you need whatever amount you can have at your disposal for your personal needs and those of your family.

There needs to be no fight

Even if you are making a work injury claim in Gloucester, you have no intentions of actually damaging the reputation of your company. You can calmly file the claim and negotiate the terms with them. This only becomes difficult if they resist negotiating and drag you to court. The good thing is that when you have legal help by your side, you won’t feel intimidated. You know that you are on the right side so you will keep fighting.

Besides, when employees are injured at work, even without asking for payment or compensation for medical fees, the company must be the first one to make a move. If your company does not do so, it only shows that you are not being treated well. You are in the wrong company and you should never have been there in the first place.

Fight for others

In your decision to file a work injury claim in Gloucestershire, you are not just fighting for yourself. You are also representing other employees in your company. Anything could happen at work. It is good to know that the company you are working with now does not really have compassion for their employees and would rather drag them into court even if they know that the accident took place at work.

Most companies would conduct an internal investigation first before taking legal action. Just let the investigation play out and be patient. They will surely do the right thing based on the results of the investigation.

Again, you need the money and you also need justice. Therefore, even if it hurts to go against your company and run the risk of losing your job, you have to do it.



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