The 5 Types of Signs Every Business Should Utilize

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If you own a store or a walk-in business, then you have a need for signage. A person who enters your shop should be able to navigate the area on his or her own (though of course, good customer service is helpful, too). There are several essential signs for businesses that should be prominently displayed throughout your location. 

1.      Business Hours 

Have you ever driven up to the front door of a store just to see what their hours are? People do that often, and if you do not have your hours of operation posted, you may be missing out on customers. Post your hours in a very clear, concise fashion with the days of the week on the left and the hours your store is open on the right.

2.      Courtesy Messages 

While you do not want to clutter your store with too many pieces of paper, you can add a personal touch by having courtesy messages posted. A sign with your logo and a simple, “Thank you for your business” is a simple way to extend gratitude. You could also place signage at your front door welcoming customers. Consider that your welcome sign could include information on:

  • Daily or weekly specials or deals
  • Upcoming holiday hours
  • New products that you want to feature 

Some companies also have cute messages posted at the door for customers who are leaving, such as “Come see us again.” You could work with a copy editor to come up with a catchy slogan so your customers leave with a smile. 

3.      Directions 

Giving your customers guidance can be very helpful. This could be as simple as a sign with an arrow pointing people toward restrooms or changing areas. If you have a larger store, you should prominently display departments or specialty areas. Of course, you should have staff on the floor who can help guide individuals, but having the signs posted is a nice courtesy. 

4.      Sales 

What is the point of having a sale if no one knows about it? You can create signage that broadcasts the event in your front window, by the cash register and near the items that are on sale. Make sure these signs are clear, easy to read and effectively communicate how the sale works. You want your customers to get to the register and be happy; not confused because they read the sign wrong. 

5.      Policies 

Depending on your business, you probably deal with all kinds of policies: return or exchange policies, customer satisfaction promises, warranties or guarantees. These will all merit some kind of signage. While these may not be the flashy, fun signs that advertise a sale, they still serve an important purpose and should be treated just as importantly. Make sure they are free from grammar mistakes and easy for your customers to understand.

There are a number of signs for businesses that you can take advantage of in your shop. One of the most important pieces of information you will communicate are your hours of business, which should be displayed prominently. Your customers should feel at ease in your store, following signs that give directions or feeling welcomed. Advertise your sales and your policies by using clear, concise wording. By posting quality signs, you can increase and retain business.


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