The best ways to keep your car secure

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car security

Car theft is very common all across the world. So whether you have bought your vehicle from a used car dealer st. louis or from a showroom, losing a car is a traumatic enough. If you got it on a loan and it’s still not repaid, then you will have to keep paying the money. However, if you do take proactive steps to increase your car security, then your insurance premium will be less.

There are a few ways in which you can use your car in a more secure fashion. These are small little tips and tricks but they can go a long way if you make them habits.

1.     Park safe

Many houses don’t come with secure garages. As a result, the most common and convenient method used is parking in the driveway. To make it a secure spot, you can always install motion-sensitive lights in the driveway. This will keep some thieves away. Also, if you are parking on the street, then do it in a place which is well lit.

Most of the car crimes happen in the street right outside the owners’ houses.

2.     Use immobilisers

These are devices that will prevent your car’s ignition, fuel pump or starter motor from working. This is one way to save your care from being stolen. It is also a very economical option and reduces your insurance premium at the same time.

However, make sure that the immobiliser that you fit in your car bought from a used car dealer st. louis is industry approved and also installed by a qualified professional.

3.     Leave no attractive items in plain sight.

Don’t make your car look like a tempting opportunity to steal. Usually gadgets, bags, etc are popular targets. Don’t leave any of these items in plain sight. Also, make sure that any valuables are all locked up in the boot of the car. Keep your glove box empty and open to show potential burglars that they don’t stand to gain much.

4.     Alarm the car

If your car didn’t come with a built in alarm system, then get one fitted as soon as possible. It reduces your insurance costs too. There are different kinds of car alarms in the market some can detect your window being broken, or your bonnet being opened, etc. Again, make sure the alarm is industry approved by checking with your insurer. That way you not only secure your car, but also get a discount on the alarm.

5.     Mind the keys

Sometimes, the most obvious methods work. With such advanced vehicle security coming into place, thieves often choose the old-fashioned way by getting their hands on your car keys. Be careful where you keep your car keys, especially the spare ones. Have them well hidden around the house, so that any intruder can’t get their hands on them. Don’t leave them lying around on the table or other such easily accessible spots.

6.     Install wheel locks

If you don’t want your wheels to be stolen, spend a little money and fit in wheel locks. Locking wheel nuts are pretty cheap, easy to put in and they keep the wheeler dealers away. Otherwise your wheels will be up for grabs for any burglar with a set of alloys.

7.     Put a lock on the steering wheel

Putting in a cheap lock on the steering wheel will generally deter most thieves unless they happen to be really determined to steal.

The main point behind securing your vehicle is to make it difficult for car thieves such that they don’t want to take the effort to steal it.

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Dan Darrell works for a used car dealership St.Louis. He helps customers to choose the right used car for their needs. Himself a car enthusiast, Dan loves participating in car rallies.


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