The Key to Successful Recruitment Agency Start-Ups

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Setting up a recruitment agency is a rewarding business opportunity that many people are deciding to undertake. It is a very people-based career and does not take a huge amount of investment to get off the ground. The trick is to understand exactly what you will need in order to do it.


A Good Balance Between Online and Offline

When starting a recruitment business, you will obviously need some sort of IT infrastructure. Initially, you will probably find that a laptop and a good broadband set-up will serve you well. You also need to know when it is time to use this technology to get the most out of it. Always remember that the recruitment business is about human interaction. Speaking with clients face to face and on the phone will boost your credibility when it comes to recruitment. People like to be able to see what they are dealing with when it comes to people being part of their own businesses. However, that said, social media and networking sites such as LinkedIn are like gold dust to recruitment agencies. Ensure that either you or someone whom you employ understand how to make the most out of these tools.

Know and Understand Your Niche

It is often more difficult for businesses that generalise to find their footing. When you start a Startupsimply recruitment business, you do have the option of selecting a specific sector, industry, or commerce to concentrate on. In fact, you may specialise in more than one. Think about what your own skills are and what you have specialist knowledge in. Make this decision part of your business plan and research other recruitment agencies in your geographical area to see if they deal with the same sectors.

Get Yourself a Good Team

Having experienced people around you makes setting up any new business that much easier. Starting a recruitment business is no different. Understanding things like how legislation affects you and your business, accountancy, and IT infrastructure is important to the success of the business. Having professional people to advise you on such things will give you confidence that you are doing things right. You may also find that this is a good way of networking, as all of the firms that work with you in such ways are also potential clients or may know colleagues who need recruitment assistance. Networking events are also a good source of business support and know-how.

Obviously, this is not everything that you will need, but it is a good grounding and will get you off to a good start. Most importantly, remember to keep friends and family around you when starting any new business. It’s always nice to have that extra boost of support just when you need it.

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