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Every professional needs some form of weapon to protect against failure, errors and misunderstandings. For teachers, one of the most valuable weapons is an assortment of teaching strategies. Since no child is the same, it makes sense that one way of teaching is not going to effectively help every child learn. Some children learn better through hands-on experience and direct reasoning while others learn better when they have time to read and think about a new lesson before direct application.

child learnStrategies used to teach children apply in the classroom when working with larger groups as well as in small group teaching sessions and one-on-one tutoring sessions. Teachers who are familiar with a variety of strategies can switch from one to another depending on how children react to them. They can also determine which strategies may help a child the most going off of what they may know about a child’s learning abilities and preferences before starting a lesson.

While many teachers will learn multiple strategies for teaching while they are in school, there are many other strategies that may help children excel. Some of these strategies were developed to help children who struggle in certain subjects or who suffer from learning disabilities that make it more difficult for them to learn.

Strategies can extend to time management and assessing children’s abilities, so it is not just about the approach taken while teaching directly. The more strategies a teacher can use efficiently, the more successful they should become helping every child learn.


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