Video: The Under-Optimized Component of SEO

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Of all the things that will help you rank higher in search engine listings, video optimization doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of attention. However, those who provide professional website design services will tell you that it is currently one of the most important elements of SEO. Doing video SEO isn’t difficult. When it’s done right, it can vastly improve your ranking.


What is Video SEO?


Simply put, video search engine optimization is a way of combining meta data, the right keywords and quality content to increase brand awareness or drive web traffic to your site. Video SEO isn’t a separate entity. It should fall in line with the rest of your optimization efforts. However, the approach is a little different.


Target the Right Index


People who are looking for video content outside of YouTube will often filter their search accordingly. Rather than focusing on universal search, target your video optimization to Google’s video index. That makes it much easier to break out from the crowded universal results page.


Define Your Purpose


Are you adding video to entertain, inform or just because everybody else is doing it? If your answer is the latter, you’re going into to with the wrong mindset. You may gain traffic initially, but customer experience is a large part of how search engines rank content. Your video should add to and enhance your content, not provide a distraction.


Another element of purpose is what you want to accomplish with your video. Are you looking to highlight a new product or convert leads? The answer to this will also help you decide whether to place your video on a sharing platform like YouTube or embed it on your website.


Choose Engaging Descriptors


The are three parts to this: your meta description, your headline and your thumbnail image. Your video description and headline, if optimized with relevant keywords, will assist with ranking and tell the viewer what your video is about. Adding an appealing thumbnail image will compel viewers to click.


Make it Easy to View


This goes not only to sound and picture quality, but also to adapting to the way people view video. One thing that turns users off is autoplay video. Give them the option to watch or not. Another consideration is where your leads are viewing. Many people are browsing at work or in public, and a blaring video could be disruptive. Add captions and transcripts so that people can still take in your content no matter their present surroundings.


Adding video content will elevate your authority while augmenting your other content. Much like any other type of SEO, optimizing your video requires relevance, freshness and choosing the right keywords. Finding an experienced SEO professional to work with you will save time and money by avoiding a hit-or-miss approach.


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