What Can You Expect From High Risk Merchant Services?

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When you offer a customer the possibility to pay with the use of a credit card, you drastically increase the chances that they will be convinced to make a purchase. That is especially the case when referring to an online business. In this case, card payments can be the only option hat is available for the potential customer.



There are different third party agencies that currently offer merchant processing services including CC processing. The problem is that although everyone will support the lower risk businesses, when a business is labeled as high risk, you would have to work with a special entity to manage your high risk merchant account. Only specialized service providers would work with the high risk merchants.

Determining If You Are A High Risk Merchant Or Not

This is obviously the first thing you have to do so that you can look for the appropriate account provider. You would qualify for the high risk account only if the business is labeled as being high risk. Online businesses will normally fall into this category, especially when dealing with:

  • Adult entertainment
  • Health and beauty – sites that sell muscle enhancing, skin care, weight loss and similar products
  • Detective services
  • Lottery sites
  • Online dating websites
  • Sports consulting
  • Others that are similar

High risk merchant accounts are also needed for the high volume businesses. This is because they would be susceptible to the quite common credit card fraud. A smaller company that has low volume sales can also be seen as being high risk because they would not afford fraud screening tools.

What You Can Expect

When you need a high risk account, you will be investigated, together with your business. Business owner characteristic stand out as being highly important. A business that is not accredited with a local business body will not be accepted. Individuals that have inconsistent or poor credit history or owners that are blacklisted will also be high risk.

Merchants will surely find it really hard to obtain great deals on merchant accounts. However, the accounts would be crucial and necessary in order to enable CC transactions. Merchant service providers have to be contacted and the choice of what service to work with has to be made based on the exact services needed.

You should be aware of the fact that merchant account providers that deal with high risk clients will charge really high fees for services. Fees are really high when compared with the regular businesses. When looking at the merchant accounts that are regular, the business receives negligible set up fees. When looking at the high risk accounts, fees are truly high and can lead towards many problems.

Always make sure that you do all that you can in order to research information about the various different merchant account providers that you can consider. You will quickly figure out that some are better than others. It is not at all difficult to deal with those that are really good for your specific situation and you will definitely find one that is great for you. 


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