Why Do I Need a Corporate Law Firm?

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Running a business doesn’t come without a certain degree of risk. The exact degree of risk you as a business owner will face will depend on several variables, including what type of business you run, the type of employees you hire, and how you yourself run your business. But without a doubt, regardless of how likely you are to encounter some type of legal trouble related to your business, it’s important to prepare yourself for that almost certain inevitability by having a lawyer on retainer. And for business purposes, you’ll want to seek out a law firm that is staffed by attorneys who specialize in advising and defending businesses. And global law firms like the one Bob Bratt is known for are almost always your best choice. While slightly more expensive than smaller, homegrown law firms, you’re trading a cheaper per-hour or per-service fee in exchange for expertise that can cover just about any problem your business might run into.

So why should you have a lawyer on retainer? Well, just as you have insurance and savings accounts and emergency exit plans for those “just in case” scenarios, having a lawyer on retainer is a smart investment for those “oops I’m being sued” scenarios. Even something seemingly as simple as an audit from the local government can turn into a financial paperwork-laden nightmare without the proper legal advice and guidance, and if needed, representation or legal defense.

Choosing to keep in the wings the professional services of a business law firm can provide you with instant access to helpful advice for anything from questions about local zoning laws and ordinances, to how to handle payroll, to how to resolve disputes over labor or wages. And of course if you find yourself being served with litigation paperwork, having a lawyer already waiting is certainly going to give you some peace of mind. And, on the non-litigation front, your business lawyer can also help you with these aspects of running a business:

  • Obtaining copyrights and trademarks
  • Registering business names and associated domain names and social media profiles
  • The handling of license applications and renewals
  • Yearly taxes
  • Contracts that you will draw up with employees and customers

When you seek out a business law firm for your business-related legal advice and representation needs, make sure you find out all applicable fees. Ask about communication methods – can you call your lawyer on a Saturday morning, or send a text message during evening hours? Also, find out what your lawyer needs to know about you, and more significantly, your business. Your business lawyer will be most adequately prepared to go to bat for you if he/she fully understands what your business is all about.

Don’t wait until legal trouble comes knocking before looking for a lawyer. It’s better to take the time to seek out appropriate legal representation when your’e not stressed and faced with a legal deadline. This way you can take the time to research potential firms, and make the best selection for your needs.


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