Why Leasing is Better than Purchasing Printers in Some Instances

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Printers come in different sizes and capacities. Some of them can print using regular A4 sized paper only while others have the ability to print using larger paper. Printers are extremely useful in the office. There are several tasks that could not be completed without a printer even if everything seems to be digitised these days.

There are newer printer models that are perfect for the office, especially for marketing purposes. When printing posters or banners using those printers, the results are amazing. The only problem is that high-quality and modern printers are really expensive. Instead of purchasing these printers, why don’t you consider a printer lease? Here are some benefits of leasing a printer.

Lower upfront costs

With printer leasing, you don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money upfront. The upfront cost is very low, and it also helps ensure that credit is preserved. Many small businesses have limited access to credit. They wish to avoid using it as much as possible and leasing equipment is one way to do so.

Avoid hassle

Printers need maintenance. If you buy a new printer and something goes wrong, you need to find someone to come over and check the printer. You also have to spend more money just to fix the problem. With leasing, it won’t be a problem anymore. You will get a maintenance plan right away as part of the lease. They will send IT staff to fix any problem. They know printers extremely well, so you are guaranteed that the printer will work again. Replacement without additional fee is also possible in certain conditions.

You can lease a newer model next time

The problem with buying a new printer is that if a newer and better model comes out, you have no choice but to just stick with your current printer you have already invested your money in. This will not happen if you lease a printer. Once the contract is done, you can opt for leasing or purchasing a newer model. You won’t have to force yourself to use a printer you don’t enjoy or that is no longer adequate for meeting your company’s needs.

Most of all, as your business grows, you might have to use a bigger and more modern printer for this reason. The printer that you currently have might not meet the demands on it. With a printer lease, you just have to wait for some time and you can get a new one.

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